FRP Bypass APK

FRP bypass APK is the application for bypassing the FRP lock on Android devices, and as well as you can easily remove Google account verification locks (FRP) by using the FRP APK file. The following FRP Bypass APK 2022 work on android version 5.0-11. The following FRP files also support the latest security patch level.

Bellow on the page, you will find the 5.0 to above all Android version’s FRP bypass APK file (2022) for bypassing FRP lock on Android devices. On the other hand, you will find the Android shortcut setting that helps you to bypass FRP. You will also see the In detail of the FRP removing guide.

How To Bypass Factory Reset Protection?

If you have any FRP-locked android device and you are unable to activate it. Then do not worry. Of course, you can bypass it using the FRP bypass app. Without a doubt, you can follow the steps below.

1. Type any word on the email input box, then hold it for 5 seconds.

2. Now, you will see the Google search option. Then click on Google search.

3. After clicking on Google search, of course, a browser will open automatically.

4. Now, type on the browser, then go to the link.

5. After going on GSM Classic, then click on FRP Bypass APK. Then download FRP Bypass APK

6. Firstly, download and install Google account manager on your android device. After installing it, click on done. Then again, download and install FRP Bypass APK on your device. Similarly, click on Open.

7. After opening the FRP Bypass app, look at the right of the up corner. You can see three dots. Now, click on the three dots, then click on the brows.

8. Now, sign in with your Google account. Then reboot your device.

9. Congratulations! Finally, you are successfully bypassing the factory reset protection (FRP) lock.

Why You Use The FRP Bypass APK File?

No Need Computer: If you have no computer and any FRP reset tool, you can easily bypass the factory reset protection (FRP) lock using the FRP bypass APK file.

USB is Not Working: On the other hand, if your device’s USB is not working correctly. Still, you also can bypass the FRP lock using FRP APK.

Not Support The Current Moden: You have the flash tool, but your current device model is not supported. Nonetheless, you also ignore the Google account verification lock using the FRP Bypass (2022) Android app.

About FRP Bypass APK

[*] GAM Not Working?: If your device runs on Android 5, use Android 5 GAM. If your device runs on Android 6, use Android 6 GAM. In addition, if your device runs on Android 8, 9, or 10, use Android 8-9 GAM. Otherwise, Google Account Manager will not install on your device. As a result, you cannot bypass the FRP lock.

[*] App Not Installed?: Generally, you can’t install the FRP bypass apk file (2022) if your device runs on the latest security patch level. However, don’t worry. Because you have another way to bypass the factory reset protection lock without installing FRP APK. Click on “Direct Set Screen Locks” and set up a Pin or Pattern lock, then reboot your device. Congrats! Bypass done.

[*] Virus Status: The APK bypass file has no malware. Because we have scanned it using the Kaspersky Antivirus. But found no malware. Finally, we have uploaded it on GSM Classic.

[*] FRP Bypass Tool: Especially we have shared some FRP bypass tools so that you can bypass FRP easily. Such as Easy FRP Bypass Tool 2020 v2 and SamFirm Aio v1.6.4.

[*] FRP Reset File: If you are looking for the FRP reset file for unlocking FRP on your devices, then click here to get the all brand’s FRP Reset File.


  1. Which Google Account manager is suitable for android version 10?

  2. Google account manegar 6.0 not work

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  4. GSM Mahmudul Hasan

    What is suitable for Android 7.0?

    • You are talking about Google account manager for android 7.0, right?
      Ok. Curently we have no GAM for 7.0. you can use Test DPC.apk for unlocking FRP lock

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