Maui META v7.1444

Maui META v7.1444 helps you to restore IMEI on your MediaTek-powered Android mobile devices. The Maui META tool also allows you to write the device’s WiFi and SN number.

We have shared the AFH and G-Drive links to get the Maui META tool. We have uploaded it as a zip package, including the Mediatek USB Driver and Tutorial.

Caution: IMEI change is illegal, and it is a severe crime. If you face any invalid IMEI issues on your android devices, we highly recommend writing the original IMEI on your device.

Maui META v7.1444

Download Maui META v7.1444

The Maui META tool was released officially by MediaTek Inc. It allows repairing IMEI, SN numbers, and WiFi addresses on your Android mobile devices powered by MediaTek SOC.

File Name:
File Size: 40 MB
How to Download: See Example
How to Use: Follow the Tutorial
Compatible With: Windows (x64, x86)

How To Restore IMEI Using Maui META Tool?

  1. Download and Extract Maui META v7.1444.
  2. Install MediaTek USB driver on your computer.
  3. Run the Maui META tool.
  4. Now, select the Smart Phone and click on the connect button.
  5. Connect your device in flash mode.
  6. Now, select “IMEI Download.”
  7. Input original IMEI number and click on “Download to Flash.”
  8. You will see the “Download IMEI to flash successfully” message if you successfully restore the IMEI.

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[*] Recommend: Old version of the tool doesn’t support the latest devices. So we recommend using the latest version of the Maui META tool.

[*] Caution: Restoring or writing a different IMEI than the original is a crime. So we recommend restoring the original IMEI.

[*] Credits: MediaTek inc is created and distributed the Maui META v7.1444, so they deserved the total credit for sharing it online.

[*] MediaTek USB Driver: If you are looking for a MediaTek USB driver, click here to get the latest MediaTek USB Driver.

[*] Alternative Tool: We have shared the two alternative tools of the Maui META tool on the page. You can quickly restore IMEI using them. The alternative tools are Modem Meta Tool and SN Writer Tool.