SPD Upgrade Tool is a portable and small application that helps you to install stock ROM on your SpreadTrum-powered mobile devices. The SPD Flash Tool also allows you to unlock screen locks and repair your mobile device if facing any software issues.

Here on the current page, you will find the two mirror links to download the official SPD Upgrade Tool. We have shared it as a zip package that contains the Flash Tool, SPD USB driver, and tutorial.

SPD Upgrade Tool

Download Latest SPD Upgrade Tool

SPD Flash Tool allows you to flash the “.Pac” firmware on your spreadTurm-powered smartphone and tablets. It also helps remove the factory reset protection (FRP) on your spreadTurm-powered devices.

File Name: SPD_Upgrade_Tool_R26.21.2801.zip
File Size: 14 MB
How to Download: See Example
How to Use: Follow the Tutorial
Compatible With: Windows (x64, x86)

SPD Upgrade Tool (old version)

R25.20.3901: SPD_Upgrade_Tool_R25.20.3901.zip | Direct | G-Drive

R24.0.0003: SPD_Upgrade_Tool_R24.0.0003.zip | Direct | G-Drive

R23.19.4001: SPD_Upgrade_Tool_R23.19.4001.zip | Direct | G-Drive

R23.0.0001: SPD_Upgrade_Tool_R23.0.0001.zip | Direct | G-Drive

R22.0.0001: SPD_Upgrade_Tool_R22.0.0001.zip | Direct | G-Drive

R21.0.0001: SPD_Upgrade_Tool_R21.0.0001.zip | Direct | G-Drive

R20.0.0001: SPD_Upgrade_Tool_R20.0.0001.zip | Direct | G-Drive

R19.18.1001: SPD_Upgrade_Tool_R19.18.1001.zip | Direct | G-Drive

R19.0.0001: SPD_Upgrade_Tool_R19.0.0001.zip | Direct | G-Drive

R17.17.1202: SPD_Upgrade_Tool_R17.17.1202.zip | Direct | G-Drive

R17.0.0001: SPD_Upgrade_Tool_R17.0.0001.zip | Direct | G-Drive

R4.0.0001: SPD_Upgrade_Tool_R4.0.0001.zip | Direct | G-Drive

R3.15.4901: SPD_Upgrade_Tool_R3.15.4901.zip | Direct | G-Drive

R2.10.1003: SPD_Upgrade_Tool_R2.10.1003.zip | Direct | G-Drive

How To Install Firmware Using SPD Upgrade Tool?

  1. Download and Extract SPD Upgrade Tool.
  2. Extract the “.pac” firmware on your computer.
  3. Install SPD USB Driver on your computer.
  4. Open SPD Tool (UpgradeDownload.exe).
  5. Now, click on the firmware loading button.
  6. Locate the Stock ROM (.pac file).
  7. After locating the Stock ROM then click on Start Button.
  8. Now, Connect your device in flash mode (Vol+ and Vol-).
  9. Click to See Full-Guidelines for the full tutorial.

See Full-Guidelines

Readme once

[*] Take a Backup: Take a backup of your important data before using the SPD Upgrade Tool. Flashing stock ROM will erase your data.

[*] Virus status: The tool has no malware cause we have scanned it using Kaspersky antivirus before sharing it on GSM Classic.

[*] SPD USB Driver: If you face any driver issue on your Windows computer and cannot flash your Spreadtrum-powered devices. Click here to get the Latest SPD USB Driver.

[*] Alternative Tool: Several alternative tools are available for installing stock ROM on Spreadtrum powered devices, including SPD Research Tool, SPD Factory Tool, and QGDP Tool.

[*] Credits: UNISOC Technologies deserve full credit. Cause they created and distributed the tool.