SP Flash Tool is a portable application that helps you install stock ROM and custom recovery on MediaTek-powered devices. MediaTek Inc developed the tool. Comparatively, it is the best scatter-based firmware flashing tool on the market. It also helps you remove screen locks and FRP locks on your devices powered by the MTK chipset.

You will get the two mirror links to download SP Flash Tool on this page. We have shared it as a zip package that includes the Tool, Mediatek USB Driver, and Firmware installing Tutorial.

SP Flash Tool

Download Latest SP Flash Tools

SP Flash Tool is a lightweight and the best tool for installing scatter-based firmware files on MediaTek-powered Smartphones and Tablets. It also helps you to format the whole eMMC memory and reset the FRP lock.

File Name: SP_Flash_Tool_v5.2216_Win.zip
File Size: 67 MB
How to Download: See Example
How to Use: Follow the Tutorial
Compatible With: Windows (x64, x86)

SP Flash Tool (old version)

v5.2208: SP_Flash_Tool_v5.2208_Win.zip | AFH | G-Drive

v5.2152: SP_Flash_Tool_v5.2152_Win.zip | AFH | G-Drive

v5.2148: SP_Flash_Tool_v5.2148_Win.zip | AFH | G-Drive

v5.2136: SP_Flash_Tool_v5.2136_Win.zip | AFH | G-Drive

v5.2124: SP_Flash_Tool_v5.2124_Win.zip | AFH | G-Drive

v5.2120: SP_Flash_Tool_v5.2120_Win.zip | AFH | G-Drive

v5.2112: SP_Flash_Tool_v5.2112_Win.zip | AFH | G-Drive

v5.2104: SP_Flash_Tool_v5.2104_Win.zip | AFH | G-Drive

v5.2052: SP_Flash_Tool_v5.2052_Win.zip | AFH | G-Drive

v5.2044: SP_Flash_Tool_v5.2044_Win.zip | AFH | G-Drive

v5.2036: SP_Flash_Tool_v5.2036_Win.zip | AFH | G-Drive

v5.2032: SP_Flash_Tool_v5.2032_Win.zip | AFH | G-Drive

v5.2028: SP_Flash_Tool_v5.2028_Win.zip | AFH | G-Drive

v5.2020: SP_Flash_Tool_v5.2020_Win.zip | AFH | G-Drive

v5.2016: SP_Flash_Tool_v5.2016_Win.zip | AFH | G-Drive

v5.1952: SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1952_Win.zip | AFH | G-Drive

v5.1944: SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1944_Win.zip | AFH | G-Drive

v5.1936: SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1936_Win.zip | AFH | G-Drive

v5.1924: SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1924_Win.zip | AFH | G-Drive

v5.1920: SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1920_Win.zip | AFH | G-Drive

v5.1916: SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1916_Win.zip | AFH | G-Drive

v5.1912: SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1912_Win.zip | AFH | G-Drive

v5.1904: SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1904_Win.zip | AFH | G-Drive

v5.1844: SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1844_Win.zip | AFH | G-Drive

v5.1836: SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1836_Win.zip | AFH | G-Drive

v5.1828: SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1828_Win.zip | AFH | G-Drive

v5.1824: SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1824_Win.zip | Direct | G-Drive

v5.1820: SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1820_Win.zip | AFH | G-Drive

v5.1816: SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1816_Win.zip | AFH | G-Drive

v5.1812: SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1812_Win.zip | AFH | G-Drive

v5.1804: SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1804_Win.zip | AFH | G-Drive

v5.1752: SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1752_Win.zip | G-Drive

v5.1744: SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1744_Win.zip | G-Drive

v5.1736: SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1736_Win.zip | G-Drive

v5.1728: SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1728_Win.zip | G-Drive

v5.1724: SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1724_Win.zip | G-Drive

v5.1720: SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1720_Win.zip | G-Drive

v5.1716: SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1716_Win.zip | G-Drive

v5.1712: SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1712_Win.zip | G-Drive

v5.1652: SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1652_Win.zip | AFH | G-Drive

v5.1648: SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1648_Win.zip | AFH | G-Drive

v5.1644: SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1644_Win.zip | AFH | G-Drive

v5.1640: SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1640_Win.zip | AFH | G-Drive

v5.1636: SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1636_Win.zip | AFH | G-Drive

v5.1632: SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1632_Win.zip | AFH | G-Drive

v5.1628: SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1628_Win.zip | AFH | G-Drive

v5.1624: SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1624_Win.zip | AFH | G-Drive

v5.1620: SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1620_Win.zip | G-Drive

v5.1616: SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1616_Win.zip | G-Drive

v5.1612: SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1612_Win.zip | AFH | G-Drive

v5.1604: SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1604_Win.zip | AFH | G-Drive

How To Flash Scatter File?

  1. Download and unzip the SP Flash Tool.
  2. Extract scatter-based Stock ROM (Firmware).
  3. Then, install the MediaTek USB driver on your computer. If already installed on your computer, then follow the next step.
  4. Firstly, open the Smart Phone Flash Tool (flash_tool.exe). As well as follow the next step.
  5. After opening the flash tool, then click on the scatter-loading button.
  6. Now, locate the scatter firmware, as well as click on the Save button.
  7. After locating the firmware, then also click on the Download button.
  8. Finally, connect your device to flash mode.
  9. Never disconnect your device during the flashing process.

See Full-Guidelines

Feature Of SP Flash Tool

[*] Compatible: The tool is compatible with Windows operating system. as well as consistent with Linux too.

[*] Custom DA: If you need the DA file for flashing stock ROM, you can also use the custom DA file on it.

[*] Extra Feature: You can also flash any custom recovery file, test your device memory, and as well as you can also format total or any custom area of the memory using the tool.

[*] Popularity: Comparatively, the maximum number of mobile technicians uses the flash tool. We recommend using SP Flash Tool for installing the firmware on MediaTek devices because it is the best tool.

Readme once

[*] Recommend: Never do we recommend flashing the “Preloader.bin” file. Because it may brick the device. So untick the Preloader.bin file while installing the ROM.

[*] Caution: Take a backup of your photos, contacts, and documents before using this tools. Because after installing stock ROM using SP Flash Tools will erase your data.

[*] Credits: Full credit deserved the Mediatek Inc. Because they created and distributed this tools for free.

[*] USB Driver: We have shared some USB Drivers for connecting your device to the computer. i.e., MediaTek USB Driver and Qcom MTK Driver.

[*] Alternative Tool: We have shared several scatter-based firmware flash tools on the current page besides of sp flash tool. i.e., Transsion Software Download Tool, BirdA Tool, and SPMDT Tool.